• Tickling Truman
    • -€10.00

    Tickling Truman

    €109.95 -€10.00 €99.95

    Rechargeable vibrator that stimulates with vibrations and stimulation currents (without stimulation current device). An overview of its functions: 8 vibration types with 5 intensity levels

  • Mystim Sizzling Simon
    • -€10.00

    Mystim Sizzling Simon

    €109.95 -€10.00 €99.95

    The vibrator with electrical stimulation for experts!

    Vibrator with a stimulating structure. Its two lots of vibrations and electrical current pleasure simultaneously without the need for an additional device or cable.

  • Magic Flesh Strap-on


    Ouvert-Slip of synthetic leater with adjustable nylon straps.



     best selling adult sex toys for men. It replicates Jenna Haze's vagina. Available in realistic flesh tone color with our popular Lotus texture or the all-new unique signature line of textures. Each custom-molded Fleshlight Girls masturbation sleeve is an exact mold of each star's most intimate parts.

  • Mister B FIST Hot Lube 500 ml


    Mister B FIST HOT is a hybrid lubricating jelly, ideal for heavier play for instance with larger toys. This HOT version has a warming and tintillating effect, even further enhancing your sexual pleasure

  • Dip Stick Ribbed 8


    For the man´s sensitive pleasure area.Silver 
    Insert the wavy dilator into the man´s urethra and enjoy. 

  • Woman Chain Harness
    • -€8.00

    Woman Chain Harness

    €32.95 -€8.00 €24.95

    Chain harness with four attached clamps and a black neck stretch strap (54 cm, flexible).

  • Wartenberg Wheel (pin wheel)
    • -€5.00

    Wartenberg Wheel (pin wheel)

    €24.95 -€5.00 €19.95

    The Wartenberg pinwheel is a tool that has been originally designed for the testing of nerve reactions. It has now become an essential BDMS tool. It's lightweight and unbreakable.

  • Breast Chain nipple claims


    Two nipple clips attached to an approx. 30 cm long metal chain

  • Nipple Chain with screws
    • -€5.00

    Nipple Chain with screws

    €19.95 -€5.00 €14.95

    Two black, round nipple screw clamps attached to a 33 cm light metal chain. Clamp pressure individually adjustable with screw.

  • Harness for HER and HIM
    • -€13.00

    Harness for HER and HIM

    €34.95 -€13.00 €21.95

    Robust harness made of silvery metal (free of nickel) for her and him.

  • Boy Butter 8 oz


    Original Boy Butter is entirely (vegetable) oil based making it as slippery as melted butter, letting you shove virtually anything up any hole with ease!. It contains ingredients such as coconut oil and silicone for a soft slide effect.