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 These products are in high demand because of the proven medical aid in improving the sexlife for men and women who are facing physical problems. Use of electro sex toys helps women and men fight incontinency, helps women train the muscles in the genital areas and helps men to fight impotency. The use of electro sex items is also a big joy to play with, alone or with your partner(s). Your sexlife will become better and you can enter a new dimension of passion and joy. Do use these article with common sense and do read and be aware of the precautions.

  • Mystim Sizzling Simon
    • -€10.00

    Mystim Sizzling Simon

    €109.95 -€10.00 €99.95

    The vibrator with electrical stimulation for experts!

    Vibrator with a stimulating structure. Its two lots of vibrations and electrical current pleasure simultaneously without the need for an additional device or cable.

  • Tickling Truman
    • -€10.00

    Tickling Truman

    €109.95 -€10.00 €99.95

    Rechargeable vibrator that stimulates with vibrations and stimulation currents (without stimulation current device). An overview of its functions: 8 vibration types with 5 intensity levels