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Hygiene & sex

It is important to have sex but it also important to follow some sexual hygiene habits too. Poor hygiene can lead to infection which in turn can lead to serious diseases. So, get innovative and sassy under the sheets, but follow these sexual hygiene habits to have lots of safe sex!

  • KY-lubricant 82 gram


    Gentle and safe, the KY Jelly water based lubricant quickly prepares you for intimacy and eases the discomfort of dryness during sex

  • Joydivision bioglide safe...
    • -€6.00

    Joydivision bioglide safe...

    €18.95 -€6.00 €12.95

    bioglide safe carrageen 100ml

    Bio and eco-friendly, BIOglide is the first World's BDIH certified lubricant. Paraben-free and pH-optimised, this organic lube is also enriched with soothing carrageenan which is proven to help protect against sexually transmitted viruses such as HPV.

  • Beppy soft comfort tampons...


    The Beppy DRY Tampons (30 pieces) have an anatomical shape and are intended for experienced users. The DRY version has no lactagel and no small hole as the WET tampon has. This makes the tampon cheaper.