Dilator & penisplugs

Dilator & penisplugs

Penis plugs and urethral sounds are popular tools for sexual experimentation, arousal and pleasure. Many men use them to enrich their sexual experience and reach new levels of sexual pleasure. These toys can be used for masturbation, sex, role-playing, medical games, and in many other ways – the only limit is your imagination. To know how to use them properly, however, you need to understand what they do and what is the best way to start using them.

  • Dilator dip stick ripped
    • -€3.00

    Dilator dip stick ripped

    €24.95 -€3.00 €21.95

    Dilator with stimulating beads, rounded tip and smooth grip and tip. Seamless. 

  • Sextreme Penis Plug with...


    Penis plug Sextreme

    For the man´s sensitive area!
    Insert into the man´s urethra and put the movable ring over the glans. Complete length approx. 6 cm, Ø 0.8 cm. Ring-Ø 2.8 cm. Silver coloured. Material: stainless steel.

  • Penisplug mit Ring


    For the very sensitive man's pleasure area!
    Insert the penis plug into the man's urethra and direct it using the ring. The plug is hollow and all types of fluid can trickle into it with no restriction.

  • Hollow Dilator


    For the man´s extremely sensitive area!
    Insert the beaded dilator and use the ring to direct it in the right direction. The dilator is hollow which means that all types of fluid can flow through it.

  • Sperm Stopper 28 mm
    • -€8.00

    Sperm Stopper 28 mm

    €29.95 -€8.00 €21.95

    Sperm stopper with movable urethra plus. Ring Ø 2.8 cm. Weight: 10g. Material: polished, silver-coloured steel.

  • Dilator three stage stick


    For the man´s extremely sensitive pleasure areas!
    Plug with three grades and a ring shaped handle. Insert the dilator and enjoy.

  • penis plug Long Princess



    Glans ring with dilator! Put the pivotable ring around the glans and insert the end of the pin into the urethra. Total length approx. 8 cm, ring Ø 0.6 cm. Weight: 22 g. Material: polished, silver-coloured stainless steel.